Where is the clerk’s office located?

The clerk’s offices are located at:

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1. Can the court give me legal advice?
2. How can I find out if a motion, order or entry has been filed for a particular case?
3. Can I come and watch a trial?
4. What is the address and phone number of the court?
5. Can the court recommend an attorney or law firm?
6. How do I get to the courthouse?
7. How can I find out which Judge is assigned to a case?
8. What hours is the court open?
9. Where are the magistrates' offices?
10. How many Judges does Common Pleas Court have?
11. Where is the clerk’s office located?
12. How do I get a civil protection stalking order?
13. Do all common pleas court trials have juries?
14. How are Common Pleas Judges chosen?
15. Can I bring my cell phone or pager to court?
16. How do I arrange for a court tour for my students/class?
17. Can I act as my own attorney?
18. How can I find a lawyer?
19. How do I get a transcript?
20. Where can I park?
21. What should I wear to court?