Media Access

Media Access Requests

All media are required to complete and eFile the Media Access Form.

General Guidelines

Not more than one portable camera of any type, operated by not more than one in-court camera person, shall be permitted in the courtroom without authorization of the judicial officer. 

Not more than one still photographer, utilizing not more than two still cameras of professional quality with not more than two lenses for each camera, shall be permitted without authorization of the judicial officer. 

Media Resources Available

Pool Camera Feeds

Each of the Court's 32 courtrooms contain a fiber optic media feed which runs to the Media Room located on the first floor of the courthouse. A single courtroom camera may be connected via SDI and the signal sent through the fiber link and output to a standard 75-ohm BNC cable. This signal can be split using an SDI digital signal splitter which provides multiple outputs to serve more than one recorder or live streaming box in the room.

NOTE: The court does not provide an SDI digital splitter so coordination with the various news and other media organizations will be required to leverage a single camera feed.

As a courtesy, the court can provide IP Network connectivity to the internet in several locations in the Media Room.

Media Pedestals

Camera feeds can also be patched, via fiber optic cable, to one of two outdoor media pedestals.  This will allow a media organization to connect the camera feed directly into a satellite truck positioned near the courthouse.

If you are interested in utilizing any of these resources, please contact the Court's AV Department at 614.525.7587.  Also, please see our media resource guide for more details.