Courtroom Decorum

Professionalism, Courtroom Decorum & Dress

Professionalism, civility and proper courtroom decorum are expected at all times. Be on time, be prepared, and be courteous and respectful toward each other, your clients and Court personnel.

Please see the Ohio Supreme Court’s "Professionalism Dos and Don’ts" with respect to "Professionalism in the Courtroom" (PDF) and "Working With Opposing Counsel and Other Lawyers" (PDF).


Your attire enhances the dignity of the Court and emphasizes the seriousness of your responsibility. Professional attire is expected by your client and the Court.

Parties/Self-represented Litigants

You should dress appropriately for your court appearance. Please note that shorts, tank tops, crop tops, hats and clothing with offensive language/pictures are considered inappropriate attire for the courtroom.