Jury Service

Welcome to the Jury Commission web page for the Franklin County Common Pleas Court – General Division. This web page provides information for prospective jurors, their employers, and the general public regarding jury service with the court.

Jury service is an important responsibility of Franklin County citizens. The Franklin County Common Pleas Court appreciates your commitment to serving. The court recognizes this is often an inconvenience and a sacrifice of your time; however, justice cannot function without your service.

Click the Courthouse eResponse link below to begin the process. You can log in using the credentials found on your Summons. You will need your “Candidate ID Number” which is located in the Reporting Information section in the upper, right corner. Once logged in, you can, when appropriate:

  • Complete and submit your questionnaire
  • Request an Excusal, Deferral (Postponement), or Disqualification
  • Provide your eMail address to receive eResponse alerts if there are any changes to your scheduled jury service date/time or court closures

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Employers have many obligations with respect to an employee called for jury service. Please seek legal advice to confirm your understanding of these obligations. Upon request, the court will provide the juror with a confirmation of service letter.

  1. Jury Commission

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    345 S High Street
    Suite 1502
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    Fax: 614.525.2449