Requests for Deferral (Postponement)

If the report date that you have been assigned creates a serious conflict with your schedule, you may request to have your service deferred. We will be happy to grant your request for deferral but would like to make you aware of our deferral policy.

Eligibility & Policy

Before requesting a deferment, review your summons carefully. Be sure that you meet all eligibility requirements to serve and that you do not qualify for any of the excuse categories.

  • eResponse will require you to select a specific date for your deferral so please have your calendar on hand when you sign on. When selecting your deferral date, you may select any Monday, as long as it is no sooner than 30 days following your original summons date and no further than 3 months after the original summons date.
  • Please select your deferral date carefully, clearing your selection with your employer ( if applicable).
  • Request for deferral should be made 1 week in advance.
  • You may request a deferral using our eResponse website or by calling the Jury Commission Office at 614-525-3450.
  • Your jury duty may only be deferred one time.

Special Cases

If you have been summoned for Grand Jury, State Grand Jury or to one particular case, your report date cannot be deferred. Your summons will specify what type of summons you have and whether or not your assigned report date can be deferred.

Deferral Approval

Once submitted you will receive written confirmation via USPS that your deferral has been approved. Please mark your calendar accordingly and notify your employer (if applicable) of your new report date. A new summons will be sent to you approximately 30 days prior to your new report date.

Once the new summons is issued you will need to visit eResponse again to complete your juror questionnaire.

Additional Information

If you are unable to handle your deferral request online, please call the Jury Commission at 614-525-3450 for assistance.