Requests for Disqualification

Reasons for disqualification from jury service are all statutory in nature. They are reasons that, by law, make you ineligible for jury service in Franklin County. Requests for disqualification must be submitted in writing and include required documentation.

  • You have permanently relocated and are no longer a resident of Franklin County
    Proof of out of county address required. Examples:
    • Rental/lease agreement in your name
    • Updated driver’s license
    • Utility bill in your name
  • You have been convicted of a felony that has not been expunged
    Written statement required. Please include the charge(s) and approximate date of conviction.
  • You are not a citizen of the United States
    Written statement required
  • You are not 18 years of age
    Proof of age at time of summons required
  • You are unable to speak, read, write or communicate effectively in the English language
    Written statement by prospective juror required. May be translated by friend, family member or other representative. In addition to juror’s signature, please include name and signature of the person who translated the letter.
  1. Jury Commission

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